I am sorry to say, „Your first comment was on the super strike, but it is only relevant for a specific case, when a lease becomes periodic after the introduction of the deposit system and the deposit has not been insured.“ Owner: „My tenant has signed a lease, and they are now saying that, although the problem they raise is in the agreement they signed, they don`t want to respect the terms because they claim they never read them well. It`s totally unfair, revolting, and so all tenants are scumbags. I`m an honest owner, honestly guv. Qualifications, training, remedies? No, I don`t have one because I`m an expert and the tenants should just do what I tell them` I`m a landlord with a great record of always quality tenants for landlords and tenants for a number of years in a property are now my points 1. If, as an owner, you sign my one-page terms and you clearly show that extensions are due (which we only charge for an additional year), then an owner should pay. I hate a lot of comments were scum, blah blah blah, if you don`t want to pay extensions to do it at the beginning doesn`t specify it as soon as we charge you 2. As a landlord, you receive income from a tenant that I introduced, yes, you paid at the first introduction, but you, as a landlord, always receive income from my tenant!! 3. If you don`t like agents… Do it yourself 4. I`ve heard it all before, you can make your own considerations, contracts, etc. All this requires valuable time and organization, as for SEO.

Based on my experience, I have eliminated fake tenants, even if they pass a credit check, but do more background checks on their former landlord, etc. 5. For the top, I save the owners a fortune on a tenant who would not pay rent! 6. The same people who complain about agents are happy to call or sit for hours in one of our offices to ask us for advice. Still all those people waiting for us to get money for nothing, etc. I make excellent rent increases that help with the owners` income My point is to make sure that at the end of a fixed term, you check the damage and hand over the deposit details so that the system provider knows that a new lease has started.