The SLA should contain not only a description of the services to be provided and their expected service levels, but also metrics that measure the services, the obligations and responsibilities of each party, the corrective measures or penalties applicable to violations, and a protocol for adding and removing metrics. If the service provider is acquired by another entity or merges with another entity, the customer can expect its SLA to remain in effect, but this may not be the case. The agreement may need to be renegotiated. Don`t make assumptions; Note, however, that the new owner does not wish to alienate existing customers, which allows him to choose to respect the existing SLAs. „scheduled service windows“ means periods during which the hosted software may not be available due to scheduled maintenance windows. Kony will make reasonable economic efforts to avoid any impact on system availability or average system response time and other adverse effects on the use of Kony Cloud and hosted software during scheduled maintenance and to schedule off-peak service windows. The total expected maintenance time does not exceed 6 hours per calendar month for each cloud service. Customers are notified by email of Schedule Maintenance Windows at least one (1) month in advance. 1.9. The terms and service levels under this Agreement apply between Customer and Kony. No additional contracts, contracts, or terms are granted or required between Customer and Amazon. The types of SLA metrics needed depend on the services provided. Many elements can be monitored as part of an SLA, but the scheme should be as simple as possible in order to avoid confusion and excessive costs on both sides.

When selecting metrics, look at how you`re working and decide what`s most important. The more complex the monitoring scheme (and associated mitigation system), the less likely it is to be effective, as no one has time to properly analyze the data. When in doubt, opt for a simple collection of metric data. Automated systems are the best, as expensive manual collection of metrics is unlikely to be reliable….