The provisions of the existing bilateral nuclear cooperation agreements between Australia and the Member States of the Community are considered complementary to this agreement and are replaced, if necessary, by those of this agreement. Trade relations were well below potential, with India accounting for less than 3% of total EU trade, it was said. They added that the EU wants an ambitious and comprehensive trade agreement that would establish strict rules, remove barriers to trade in goods and services and investment and open up human markets. 1. Contracting parties may, at the request of one of the contracting parties, be consulted on any possible changes to this agreement, in particular to take account of developments in the international situation in the area of nuclear security conservation. The objective of this agreement is to promote and facilitate cooperation in areas of common interest in the peaceful, non-military and non-military use of nuclear energy when the parties support research and development activities to advance relevant scientific and/or technological activities in these areas. 175.Illustration of this point, Chatham House and the University of Exeter noted: „Outside of Euratom, the United Kingdom would no longer be a member of the Euratom Supply Agency“324, without which, as the Institution of Mechanical Engineers explained, „the Uk nuclear industry may not obtain on time and at a reasonable cost large, complex parts objects from small EPI kits.“325 They added: „The production of nuclear parts is carried out throughout Europe, and new tariffs and procurement procedures may be more affordable.“ Ms. Hepworth cited the Hinkley Point example: „The components of the fuel handling system should come from the United States and components of Japan`s nuclear steam supply system. We need the ability to bring these components into the country in a timely manner to complete the project. 326 Mr Baxter agreed that „access to components manufactured in Europe is essential for industry.“327 159.The Euratom Treaty is currently essential to the operation of nuclear power generation in the United Kingdom.“ If the provisions are not replaced by the withdrawal date, the UK may be unable to import nuclear materials and have serious consequences for the security of the UK`s energy supply.

JET`s successor will be ITER, the international experimental thermonuclear reactor. It is currently under construction in France. Europe accounts for nearly 46% of construction costs, with the remaining costs spread across China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States. 3. The suspension or cessation of activities covered in paragraph 1 of this article only takes place if the correction or any other action has not been taken within the time frame set by the parties or, if no solution is found, at the end of a reasonable period of time. In these cases, the supplier party has the right to demand the return of nuclear materials, equipment, equipment and non-nuclear technologies subject to this agreement. 184.A number of witnesses argued that „the best outcome for the nuclear industry in the UK and the EU would be if the UK could remain in the Euratom Treaty“344, while the CBI stated that „the benefits of the UK`s accession to Euratom should be maintained, whether through continued accession or through new agreements.“345 changes to the nuclear fuel cycle programme covered by Article 1 of this annex; Time authorizations for U.S. nuclear cooperation with Euratom by the United States