The letter to tenants should also indicate who manages them, to whom they must pay their next rent payment and when the new management will take place. They should also be informed that their bail has been paid. Be sure to ask for a copy of the letter. With this termination of the Property Management contract, you officially and legally terminate your property manager`s responsibility for your property or property. This contract termination notification tells them that your administrator must return all deposits, rental fees, keys and other applicable documents or accounts so that you can either manage your real estate yourself, sell your real estate, or transfer those assets to your next property manager or property management company. Depending on the contract, you or the current property manager must inform the tenants that you have separated from the current management company. It is also the best way to do it in writing. Give tenants information about who will manage them in the future and let them know where their security deposits are kept. I am a licensed and declared property manager for a property with two detached houses on it. I`m having trouble with the owner, uncle. Can he verbally fire me? I have two notarized letters from him that make me the manager with all the financial decisions. Is he wrong? However, according to good practice, the lessor would be asked to terminate the contract in writing, as well as the final funds due up to that date.

The letter is a convenient marker that allows both parties to determine the closing date of the contract and calculate all payments to be paid. These are very fundamental elements of almost all extended service contracts, especially if the amount of money in question is far from negligible. And this is never the case with property management. I`m going to take a moment at the expense of our correspondent here, who seems to be attacking his head, a moment to make a point: just hang a lougle, does not make you a qualified property manager. If both parties could not escape a contract with a practical part of the termination of the contract, what is left? Depends on your contract. Any property management agreement should of course include a list of commitments and agreements between the two parties – and specify the scope of the commitment and the remuneration of the director. However, the contract should also include in the agreement a section covering contracting procedures. In the absence of an agreement in a contrary contract, the uncle is in this case within the framework of his right to terminate the contract with his nephew – which seems to have been verbal at first. There is probably some cancellation policy in your administrative agreement. Check what it is and move on accordingly.

In this section will probably be all the costs related to the cancellation and how/when you are paid for the rest of the funds. Pay attention to the circumstances in which the management company terminates the contract, the communication it will give you and the financial impact it will have.