These amendments will come into force on January 1, 2020. For more information or to request our Medicover rates, please email If you are a private pathology or diagnostic imaging provider, a private hospital, or a medical billing agent representing pathology and radiology service providers, you can register on the MPPA billing channel. If you wish to use HCF`s Medicover Gap program, you must apply and be accepted by HCF to participate in your chosen Medicover arrangement for each site before providing and receiving services to an HCF member. HCF registers Medicover applications (including additional provider sites) from the date we receive the complete application. In special circumstances, we will refund you a maximum of 30 days from the date of entry. This means that all requests for services prior to the registration date do not apply to Medicover`s „additional services“ and rights filed under medicover agreements are rejected. To register, you must complete the MPPA Billing registration form and return it with the details of the suppliers you wish to cover. Cheques will no longer be used from 1 October 2020 and payments to suppliers will now only be made by electronic transfer. Click here to view ARHG Member Funds – St Luke`s Health, Mildura Health Fund, Cessnock District Health Benefits Fund/Hunter Health Insurance and Latrobe Health Services To register or edit If you have a question about claims/payments or if you have a question that is not resolved by the content of our portal, please call us on our special provider line 1800 670 302, available Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. AEST. Medicover is only available to medical specialists in private practice. Physicians employed or hired in a publicly funded facility are not eligible.

It is also not available to pathologists or radiologists, but others are not available. For more information, see FAQ New versions of the Medicover Medical Gap Scheme forms are available on the medical service provider portal – see links above. These forms can be used to register for the first time with Medicover, register a new provider number for Medicover, change details such as bank account or change the nomination between No Gap and Known Gap. Earlier versions of HCF Medicover forms, provided from May 2015, are accepted until 31.12.2016, but all previous versions of forms will no longer be accepted from 01.01.2017. To register, simply fill out the MPPA Billing registration form to obtain a billing entity number, Register your EFT and your contact details. Email your completed form to along with details of the vendors you want to associate with your billing unit number. . You can consult these new rates before 1 January 2020 by logging into this portal from 13 December 2019.

As of October 1, 20, 2020, Linked Servicing Provider will need to enroll in HCF`s Medicover No- or Known Gap program in order to obtain the additional benefits assigned to these systems. Complaints are kept until we obtain confirmation of your registration for the Medicover Gap Scheme. To register, please read the useful links above. If you need help, please contact us at our new email address at: Do you have a question about the claim? Look at our MPPA Batch header or call us on 1300 130 460. Looking for the latest Medicover rates? Click here….