NPS uses SDRs for online processing of travel permissions and travel vouchers. SDR is a travel tool that offers efficiency in travel planning, ensures compliance with travel rules and facilitates timely reimbursement of travel-related expenses. Skilled and dedicated support is truly a power multiplier for NPS line functions. Support from the USFFC Comprors Management, Financial Systems Branch with Program Management as part of USFFC`s migration from STARS to SABRS. The migration from STARS-FL to SABRS is changing the „Book of Records“ accounting system in SABRS. Migration involves all orders, all financial management employees and many program management officers throughout the USFFC. These are thirty-three (33) direct subordinate commandos and about 570 CFOs. This requirement is intended to support all aspects of the USFFC project management plan, including: Sehlke Consulting, LLC has received a major contract to assist the accounting department of La Marine Medicine West (NMW) with Financial Management Support Services. NMW, based in San Diego, CA, is one of three (3) Marine Medicine Regions and responsible for the financial management operations of Western U.S. and Pacific drugs (Hawaii, Guam, Japan).

NMW provides budget formula, accounting, fund management, budget execution control, refundable mission/support agreement, audit, process improvement and other financial management controls for these orders. DON Asset Management (AM) assets cover both the assets of the General Donor Fund (GF) and the Capital Works Fund (WCF). Sehlke provides audit and audit assistance for property, plant, and equipment (PP-E), inventory and related property (I-RP) and associated asset segments. To this end, Sehlke assists DON in achieving auditability by providing flight assistance for the end-to-term notification process of results and recommendations (NFR) of remediation and maintenance issuance, to include the implementation of corrective action plans (CAPs), the completion of cause analysis and the development of guidelines for the implementation of resource management, which must be adopted by DON management in the form of standards and guidelines. In addition, Sehlke provides audit support by facilitating audit screenings, responding to requests from PBC (provided by Client) and supporting audit visits. Sehlke also supports the DON`s objective of strengthening internal controls and accuracy of financial reporting and normalizing business practices. Our support includes analyzing the needs of business processes and developing applicable strategies for the migration of older APSRs to the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system using standard business processes across the DON. Sehlke Consulting supports the Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence (AOCoE), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, California. The AOCoE is a multidisciplinary research centre focused on adaptive optics technology for national security applications. The scope of the contract includes financial management and management tasks to support the management, monitoring and budgetary monitoring of all funded research projects. This requires general administrative support and critical internal financial reports for the Centre`s sponsorships, in order to monitor budgets in a timely manner and to consolidate commitments and expenditures.