This release is however qualified because the lessor has the possibility of obliging the outgoing tenant to guarantee, in the event of assignment, the obligations of the new tenant (the „beneficiary of the assignment“) through an „approved guarantee agreement“, commonly known as an „AGA“. This guarantee only applies until the assignee rejects its share of the lease – with such a subsequent assignment, the guarantor`s AGM will disappear. When a tenant assigns his lease to a new tenant (pensioner), the lessor may require the tenant to make an AGM with the lessor, a prerequisite for granting his consent to the assignment of the lease. An AGM is a form of guarantee that the (outgoing) tenant gives to the landlord only if the buyer does not fulfill the tenants` obligations of the rental agreement, such as for example. B the payment of the rent, the repair of the property, etc., the outgoing tenant will do it.