If you have a question or complaint about the data covered, please contact Smartsheet Inc. at: This policy describes Smartsheet`s internal privacy practices, as it relates to protected data that Smartsheet employees can access, store, transfer or otherwise process as part of their role in Smartsheet. 4.1. Subprocessors are identified at www.smartsheet.com/legal/subprocessors. The customer authorizes Smartsheet to use these subprocessors in accordance with the terms and conditions of this section 4. 1.19 „transfer solution“ refers to standard contractual clauses or any other solution that allows the lawful transfer of personal data to a third country in accordance with Articles 45 or 46 of the RGPD. (d) promptly inform the data exporter of: 1.9 „European Data Protection Legislation“, the RGPD and other laws of the EU, its Member States, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom that apply to the processing of personal data of the customer under the agreement. In general, we collect two types of data from our customers and others who can visit our websites or interact with smartsheet, personal data from people or related to people, which are based in the EU, UK or Switzerland: content that our customers download or transmit to smartsheet online services (for smartsheet) and other personal data, which are provided by Smartsheet in relation to websites or are provided by Smartsheet in relation to websites, individual interactions with Smartsheet or the provision of online services (for which smartsheet is responsible) or provided by Smartsheet. The personal data for which we are responsible for data includes credentials, contact information, usernames, company names, permissions, usage data and other user data and other similar user data collected directly or automatically by site visitors, event participants and others; This data is used to facilitate customers` access to Smartsheet`s legitimate content, support and business purposes, including analysis and enhancement of online services, loyalty and marketing. In terms of content, the categories of personal data that can be processed within online services are defined and controlled by our customers (processing managers) at their own discretion. Smartsheet verifies, monitors, blocks or controls content that our customers download, broadcast, use or otherwise process within online services. Smartsheet reserves the limited right to access content for the provision of online services, to respond to customer assistance requests, to prevent fraud, abuse and violations of our policies and agreements, or other conditions and agreements prescribed by law.

9.1 Approval of subprocessing commitment. The customer generally authorizes the integration of third parties other than subprocessors and authorizes the transmission of the customer`s personal data to all subprocessors hired by ClickUp. Where the client has entered into standard contractual clauses in accordance with point 8.2 (EEA data transfer), the above authorizations constitute the client`s prior written consent to contracting out ClickUp for the processing of the client`s personal data, if such consent is required in accordance with the standard contractual clauses.