When an owner uses a PSP to sell, lease or manage a property, the PSP must give a Property Services Agreement (EPI) or a Letter of Commitment (LOE). This is a legal requirement. PSA or LOE is a contract agreed between the PSP and its client. The document should clearly state what services are provided and what the costs are. A PSA or LOE is a legal and binding contract between the agent and his client. These documents are a contract between the taker and the client and should clearly specify which services are provided with all associated costs. The licensee should ensure that the customer has been informed of all the terms of the agreement prior to signing. Letters of Engagement, aka Property Services Agreements, are a requirement under Section 43 of the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011. The law stipulates that a licensed property service provider must have a real estate services contract signed in the form indicated within 7 days of the start of the provision of a real estate service. All PSPs must hold a PSRA license. A PSP can only provide services for which it has a licence.

PSRA maintains and publishes a register of all licensed real estate service providers. The registry lists the name, number, type of license and location of each real estate service provider. Part 4 of the Act deals with the „general obligations of licensees,“ the first section 43 of which, paragraph 1, states that „the licensee must provide a real estate service to a person no later than seven business days after the purchaser begins to provide a real estate service to a person or has entered into an agreement with the person to provide a real estate service. provides that person, based on the previous date, with a letter of commitment (including a copy of the date) relating to this heritage service, as provided. The PRSA manages a compensation fund funded by the real estate services sector. This fund provides compensation to licensed PSPs clients who have suffered losses due to the dishonesty of a licensed PSP. To make a claim for compensation, the granted PSP must have a valid licence when the real estate service has been provided. For more information on the claims process, see the PSRA Guide to make a claim. A welcome welcome is the „conflict of interest“ and the obligation to disclose any conflicts of interest to the client.

In essence, this deprives the agent of the ability to obtain incentives from buyers, service providers or a party, without disclosing them to the client beforehand. This will help the market find its right to a mature and professional market for all of us to trade in.levels for professional services on a transparent basis, and create a more mature and professional market for all of us to act. The Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA) is responsible for licensing and regulating property service providers in Ireland. Real estate service providers (PSPs) are individuals or companies involved in the following topics: More information and a sample of a Property Services Agreement (EPI) or letter of commitment (LOE) are available on the PSRA website. Advice on PSps and the services they provide is available in the guide for users of real estate service providers in Ireland. This manual contains information on what to expect from the use of a licensed PSP. With regard to the provision of property management services to multi-unit developments, the form of agreement imposed on this market segment will continue to change radically. For many years, there has been no requirement for agents to obtain a licence or purchase professional liability insurance, let alone to enter into a written contract with the client.