The UPE also stated that this agreement was very similar to the sectoral agreement signed a few months ago. On Wednesday, the MUT declared a trade dispute with the Secretariat of Catholic Education „about the violation of the working conditions of educators by 23 ecclesiastical schools.“ The President of the Union of Teachers of Malta, Marco Bonnici, said: „This collective agreement for educators in ecclesiastical schools approves and accepts the improvement of working conditions and finances achieved through the cross-sector agreement reached between MUT and the government in December 2017. The Union of Teachers of Malta (MUT) has launched a commercial dispute with the Secretariat of Catholic Education over the 23 ecclesiastical schools that violate the working conditions of educators. The signing of this agreement was led today by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna in the Curia of the Archbishop of Floriana. MUT stated that educators in ecclesiastical schools must juggle six modes of teaching that include personal and online instruction, recording lessons, live broadcasting and preparing multimedia resources for those at home. According to the union, student visits follow one another, which puts „considerable pressure“ on educators. The decision of these ecclesiastical schools to take turns attending students has led to a wave of pressure on the school community, which is expected to juggle for several hours between many modes of instruction, including personal instruction for students who are in school, live broadcasting for students who are at home and recording the lesson for students who are at home. I was told. Mut stated that this exceeds the workload of educators, who must also prepare for all hours of instruction in all types of teaching. It is therefore prepared to respect the principle that educators provide only personal education for students who are in school. He clarified that these schools do not offer additional services, such as online learning, as long as staff are respected.

On behalf of the Secretariat of Catholic Education, Father Charles Mallia said: The ecclesiastical authorities are pleased to have concluded this new collective agreement with LE MUT in time to prepare properly for the coming school year. Ecclesiastical schools have already begun to implement parts of this agreement, including the financial package, and have also made the necessary arrangements with the educational authorities to provide the necessary staff for the coming and subsequent school year. Although this agreement reflects the sectoral agreement between the Government of Malta and the MUT, it has been adapted in a way that respects the ethics, identity and autonomy of the schools of ecclesiastical schools. The heads and principals of ecclesiastical schools contributed to this process. The Secretariat of Catholic Education and the Association of Ecclesiastical Schools are convinced that this new agreement will bring considerable benefits to their educators and hopefully bring a better holistic experience of student education in ecclesiastical schools. She again warned schools that they would look into the situation or face industrial action. „All these schools have done to meet their new services is to find the simplest solution by increasing the workload of educators, which is not sustainable and irresponsible.“ UPE accused MUT of sharing an online survey, similar to last December,000 so that MUT could obtain approval for the signing of the agreement with Church Schools. The signing of this agreement was led today by Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna in the Curia of the Archbishop of Floriana. The collective agreement applies to all teachers working in the secretariat of Catholic education and in the ecclesiastical schools of Malta and Gozo.

Although ecclesiastical authorities are still negotiating state funding, learning educators continue to benefit from the assurance of being equipped for the first time with a laptop on an equal footing with other levels.