The apprenticeship agreement is also essential for internships, as it contains a binding document that outlines the student`s learning activities as part of this pedagogical component. International students can benefit from a compulsory transfer of their academic results to PH Zurich to their home university if a learning agreement has been reached between the student and his or her home university prior to the start of their studies abroad. This agreement is signed by the study coordinators of the universities of origin and hospitality. The apprenticeship agreement is a document that records your choice of courses. It contains information about your curriculum and the ECTS points awarded for each of the selected modules. Select the courses you want to take at ESCI, International Business School, complete your apprenticeship agreement by listing them and the number of ECTS points (ECTS guide 2015). Discuss your choice with your coordinator at your home institution. To obtain a record of the ESCI records, you must specify a properly completed and signed document. The apprenticeship agreement contains a formal and binding commitment between the student, the sending institution and the institution/organization/company receptive to all learning activities to be carried out. The host organisation is committed to offering a quality internship, relevant to the student`s learning journey, with clearly defined learning results and to issuing an internship certificate at the end of the internship.

The sending body is committed to ensuring the quality and relevance of the internship, monitoring student progress and granting recognition of ECTS points for successful learning achievements. The apprenticeship agreement guarantees the transfer of credits for courses passed successfully by the student. The International Office of the University of Origin recognizes the student`s return. The student does not have to negotiate recognition with individual professors. The apprenticeship agreement, together with the registration protocol, aims to ensure full recognition. At the end of the stay, students receive a transcript of recordings of all past exams, in addition to courses agreed in the apprenticeship agreement. If you need to change your initial apprenticeship contract (due to a scheduling conflict/module has been cancelled, etc.), you must complete the „Learning Agreement – Change“ form at the beginning of the semester. This document must also be signed by all relevant authorities to be valid. ECTS points are awarded to students for successful studies on the European system of accounting for studies.

An ECTS credit is 30 hours of work. 30 ECTS points should normally be obtained for an entire semester and at least 60 ECTS points for one year of study.