We are 82 years old and the new channel is our preferred channel, please come to an agreement so that we do not lose our favorite channel Thank you Norman and Alma Hackel Although directv has lost these channels, you can still use these channels in its own right and use yiur directv connection information by using them as your provider and streaming them live if you have a Smart TV or device that supports these applications. AT&T stops rubbing shoulders with your loyal customers. Get an agreement so that we don`t lose our channels/programs. The dispute between Dish and Nexstar involves even more stations, 164 across the country, and if the parties fail to reach an agreement by Wednesday`s deadline, it will go down in history as the largest power outage of its kind. I hope that Direct TV can and will be able to find an agreement to keep channel 19. Always something to manage. If it`s not bad service, it`s an increase in payments. The communications company and the channel were unable to strike a new deal on Tuesday, resulting in the loss of more than 60 channels on DirecTV, AT&T U-verse and TV streaming service AT > T. Since AT&T bought Direct TV, it`s been a descent since! I had anticipated that prices would go up and the service level would go down if AT > T bought Direct TV.

I also have the impression that they have violated our agreement! Customer service is the worst, call her and you`ll have a Middle Eastern person with an accent that`s impossible to understand! I would like people who do „their customer service“ to use it! But my revenge is fast! I`m changing TV channels! „We understand what it may look like for our channel to unfairly raise our prices for DIRECTV and AT&T-U-Verse customers, but that`s simply not the case,“ the channel says. „Our prices are set by the market. WTHR has successfully negotiated contracts with all other suppliers in our region. In fact, in recent years, we have entered into hundreds of contracts with cable and satellite companies across the country. Unfortunately, no TV provider is immune to these tactics. TEGNA has already threatened or withdrawn its stations by suppliers for the sole purpose of returning them as soon as an agreement has been reached. „It`s really directv and AT&T-Verses U to decide. We are committed to reaching a fair agreement,“ WTHR said in a statement. If DIRECTV and AT&T U-Verse are willing to make the same commitment, we are confident that we will be able to enter into agreements that reintegrate our station into directv and AT&T U worms.“ I am known as a „loyal“ customer to be at Directv for more than 10 years, but I will no longer be when they remove the channels I watch.

Please agree to keep what we have and not put guests at the center. Today, there are other places to go, and I`m going to have spoiled rich people fighting over money. Boycott tenga, cbs and directv. We should all unite and drive those whining sobs into bankruptcy. A bunch of multimillionaires are fighting over their next pocket money that they can insuffer and take drugs. Screw these rich people. The disagreement resulted in the loss of 164 local television channels owned by Nexstar. „We cannot speak for DIRECTV or at>U-Verses. But here`s what our audience should know: WTLV and WJXX are committed to making fair market-based agreements with all video service providers in our region. Our track record proves it. In recent years, we have placed hundreds of multi-year contracts with cable and satellite companies across the country, including DISH, Comcast and many others.

It has been disappointing to see that DIRECTV and AT&T-Verse have refused to reach an agreement so far,“ Tegna`s website reads. We were looking forward to the new season of Blue Bloods on Channel 10. .